Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mirror Reflections

I can't escape the feeling that what we see in others are just mirror reflections of our own selves. Images of our own lives projected upon another life. Images of our fears, desires, hopes and dreams covering an unrelated screen, obstructing what really lies beneath. Our own ego propagated from our being unto another. What we like...What we hate...What we love and loath. These things are transformed and manifested into our view of others. These manifestations, our dislikes and preferences, appear as things that we like and dislike in other people. And so what we like and dislike in others are no more than clues to our own shortcomings and successes. Clues about our own insecurities and assurances. Acknowledging this biased distortion of others should help us to look inward and reflect when we encounter annoyances. If we did this when we come face to face with what disturbs us...with what agitates us and with what subjectively affects us then it would lend to an enlightened understanding of both reflections. If we paid more attention to others, we would learn more about ourselves and if we paid more attention to ourselves we are bound to learn more about others.

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