Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Blues

Long summer nights truncated by short winter days; the boastful sun bowing to rain clouds and an early starlight. Days shrinking, while nights exponentially grow.

As the days change and begin to shorten it is easy to let the chill seep into our spirits…to let the cold temporarily freeze our souls. We all know the autumn and winter months are notorious for inducing depression and dismay. Infamous for imprinting seasonal melancholy and producing drawn out periods of stagnation.

Just because the temperature is getting lower, doesn’t mean we have to follow suit. We have to fight the urge to plunge into a foggy sedation…we have to find a way to weather the storm. Perhaps, what we need most of all is a simple reminder that life is not so bad... that we should just be happy to be alive and well. In our hectic daily lives we tend to get caught up in a web of monotonous repetition. And from time to time we regretfully do not shine light onto the aspects of our lives that bring in real joy. This coupled with the general glum feeling of the sun setting before the seven O’clock news, often produces an unenlightened, unmotivated, and uninterested state of being.

To ensure that we do not accompany the dreary and the drab we need to take stock of our joys. We should really focus on WHAT and WHO causes us to feel good and surround ourselves with those people and things that bring joy into our lives. We conversely need to quickly shove out those things and people that take away from our joy. Completely let go of those things and people who deduct from our positivity…as they have no real place in our lives.

This season I refuse to let in gloom. I refuse to sit around wasting the season away. I refuse to let my spirits decrease as my wallet does leading up to the holidays. I refuse to become another victim of the Holiday Blues! No thanks Elvis, you can keep your Blue Christmas. I prefer to dedicate this time to celebrate life. A time to be thankful. A time to be surrounded by loved ones. A time to reflect and to look resolutely at the future. A time for pure, simple, unstoppable Joy.

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