Saturday, June 27, 2009


For a long time I did not want to believe that it was true. In fact, I outright REFUSED to believe that it was true. I denied the allegations when others repeatedly tried to beat into my head the opposite of what my heart wanted to hear. I wanted to preserve the inherent goodness of humanity. To truly believe that kindness, love and grace were indeed implicit facets of human nature.


Sadly...IT IS true.

To be fair though, I have not completely come to agree with the morose and generally pessimistic masses that seem to enjoy getting others to buy into their dark outlook on humankind. I have formulated my own revised rendition.

To begin I must affirm that, YES... we are all just creatures of our own self interest. We are simply bred and trained early as calves to pursue our own self desires
. To exist for our own existence. We really are no different from the cyclical life of the next animal on the food chain. Just like all cubs we are dependent upon others for a given period of time, suckling all that we can to satisfy our own natural needs. Relying, taking, surviving…as others have done before in order to continue living.

There is however, at some point in the human life, a divergence. A departure from the animalistic path. A gleaming difference between human and animal. A hominal distinction from the lion, the vulture, and the bear.

...It is at the very moment when man or woman puts themselves second to someone else. When a mother, brother, sister of friend acts not out of the basic beastly instinct of self. This is when one
when one becomes something more than their animalistic self, where one evolves.

For some it is learned early in life. While others may struggle and have de-evolutionary lapses from time to time. And sadly there are those beasts who will parade as humans for the remainder of their life. Never becoming fully human. This ability, or rather, this superior evolutionary gift should be recognized rightly as a unique genetic adaptation and should be used more widely and with more frequency. If this unselfish gene is our distinction; if we are able to demonstrate our superordination; if we are able to willingly choose and use our human spirit and not our human nature… then I will be the first in line to acknowledge the animal inside of me, but to provoke the human.

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  1. Cada nuevo "path" comienza con un paso decisivo, el primero, el que pondrá la bandera de salida hacia a algún lugar...durante el camino vamos modificanco, creciendo y aprendiendo. Este es el primer paso de tu camino en el mundo del blog. Lo has hecho de una manera prodigiosa, me encantó leer cada frase, cada párrafo...
    Me siento orgulloso de ser la primera persona que te escriba. Espero que no te desanimes en el camino y sigas haciéndolo tal y como lo acabas de hacer!

    PD: Escribo en español porque no quiero que queda nada sin explicar bien!!! jejeje LOVE ya dork!