Sunday, June 28, 2009

In your eyes


It is the Ignition of one small eager fire

With just one match, one flicker, and one wick

There is an explosive moment where the kindling is devoured quick

And all that remains, staring back at you is the solitary spark

The modest flame begins to breathe and overtake the immense dark

Casting a glint and glow of vitality on the walls of your soul

Once given oxygen it will take complete control

And in your eyes there is a burning…

In your chest there is a beating…

there is a deep begging within

It’s asking…It’s pleading…And praying for you to give in

This Desire, this feeling of fire

Charging you

Challenging you

Creating an evocation of pure sin

It becomes seemingly impossible to douse that one flame

Instead the fire lives,

rising and raising it's calling out your name

Producing passion, pushing and possessing all in its path

Provoking sensations with a SUFFOCATING WRATH


The heat is rising higher and higher

Scorching...Seducing… And screaming words filled with intoxicating fumes

Waiting for the expression of its heat

as it holds you under its flickering spell that consumes

Gripping your every being like bare flesh to barbed wire

Until you are dripping in its existence


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