Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I will not let your gray flat notes drown out my colored song
My melody is too sweet and the journey’s far too long

Too long to let you influence the state of my soul
To grant you the privilege to impact something that you have no right to control

I will not let your lifeless words enter my head
I'll choose to write my own verse; to sing my own words instead

I am not just an option or a second choice
I deserve to be heard with intention and I’ll make you hear my voice

And so your acidity won’t be the cause of my demise
In fact when you try to knock me down, I will be sure to always rise

Because I defy isolation or uncertainty from digging its weary hole
Now I’m the only one that I will allow to control

I am quite tired of giving strength to those who have no right
To those who like to see others suffer, to those filled with spite

From here on out I’ll determine the condition of my heart and mind
I refuse to fall victim, to be deprived and confined

I'm no longer held in the grip of passion and emotion
I am committed to me first; I will be MY ONLY TRUE DEVOTION

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