Sunday, August 23, 2009


All too many are chasing phantom shadows of their future lives. People who are just marching through life, slowly gasping and choking to catch their breath, just to find themselves once again devoid of air.

All too many are scarcely sustained; like hollow trees with naked branches, their blossoms un-bloomed, baring nonexistent spoiled fruit.

All too many have abandoned humanity and are like haunted rooms; empty spaces with cob-webbed corners and dusty hearts. With glazed eyes that are only windows to one starving soul. With parched tongues, heavy and unable to articulate a single syllable of significance.

All too many are unable to shed their cocoon and are unwilling to live life, settling instead for mere existence. All too many appear to be detached from the world, uprooted, and drowning in a shallow empty pool of concentrated self.

All too many are emotionally anorexic and vividly blind, seeing only what comfortably settles upon their immediate horizon...nothing more and sometimes less.

All too many are poor of soul and rich of thoughtless greed. They are withdrawn and content to be spiritually bankrupt and heavily invested in the dying market of ME.

All too many are ALL TOO MANY and sadly all too many are not the ALL TOO FEW.

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