Thursday, July 9, 2009


Watching the news, observing people on the street, hearing stories, interacting with loved ones...

Look around and you will see that people EVERYWHERE are really just living half awake. They are "living," but they are not fully AWAKE. Why is this? What can excuse such laziness for life? To me, it is like sleepwalking right through life. Why would you want to do that? Why would you want to hit the snooze button on the most precious gift we have? I personally want to breathe, and move, and FEEL!

The answer is that quite simply many people just forget how to live. They forget how to treat others, how to create relationships worth sharing and a life worth living. And sometimes I think there are those people that have never learned...hopefully some day they will learn how to be HUMAN. I might be only a half of a century in age, but I can at least offer up my knowledge of what makes me feel like the BEST human that I can be. A sort of...Guide book or users manual. Just one person's perspective of how to be a real human.

patient and kind
make sure to think with an open mind.
unique and true.
Remember your past
and never cease to be COMPLETELY you.

Have confidence,
walk tall, and be proud.
NEVER be afraid to speak up
and to stand out of the crowd.

for more knowledge...
learn, think and read.
Your mind is a garden
that you must continually feed.

Always be
positive and take action.
Self-less acts give the most satisfaction.
those things that others tell you cannot be done,
all the while smile
and have fun.

thankful and appreciate.
Things could always be worse
so love your own fate.
Have compassion,
be peaceful and aware.
Take risks,

that all pain will eventually subside.
It's better to wear scars that prove you tried.
Life is too short,
so try to leave yours with a lasting impression.
NEVER use love with discretion.

what you mean and mean what you say.
that everyone is entitled to follow their own way.
Expect less and give more.
Surround yourself
with those people who hold you and help you to soar.

others how to love, laugh and live.
It is a virtue to be able to forgive.
Have pure acceptance,
break through just being able to tolerate.
Never permit injustice or hate.

Loosen up,
Relax and enjoy each day.
Dance, sing, run, jump,
smile and play.
Love eagerly and with no reservation.
Be honest
and speak your heart without hesitation.

Stand up for your beliefs
and never waiver to do what you think is right.
Be the voice of those who cannot put up a fight.
Know yourself
and cultivate your soul.
You are the only factor in this crazy world that you can control.
Try, try, and then…try again.
It is okay to lose a couple of times before you win.

And not just with your ears,
but with your heart.
If you don't make time to find pleasure,
then start.

Have faith
in yourself, believe, and trust.
Even when you have been burnt this is a must.
Each day is new.
So have good intentions and follow through.
Invest care and time
into each family member and friend.
Remember those who are there for you in the end.

Share your energy,
spirit and light.
Enter a dark room and make it bright.

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  1. Qué más podría decir de lo que ya está escrito? I'm sure u´re going to enjoy "The elegancy of Hedgehog", no es una guía como la tuya pero es un canto a la vida y a la belleza de todo! muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaks, espero q tus mensajes lleguen lejos! we can change the world!!! al menos algunas mentes! Viva la educación! Long life to the Education!